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 Bikini Photos, Annette really shows off this flatering swimsuit Bikini Photos, All swimwear is made in Australia Bikini Photos, Annette is wearing a Teaze ring back, strap side g-string bikini swimsuit Bikini Photos, How sexy is this shot ..!!  in a zanne g-string Bikini Photos, Annette is wearing a Teaze g-string
 Bikini Photos, Feeling too hot, just cool off in this fabulous swimwear Bikini Photos, Annette is wearing a hot Mizchief bikini Bikini Photos, Annette is having fun and cooling off in Zanne Bikinis Bikini Photos, Make heads turn with this stunning two piece swimwear Bikini Photos, A red hot sexy swimsuit bikini
 Bikini Photos, Now that is perfection a sexy bikini g-string bottom Bikini Photos, What a stunning G-string, Style-Imagine with clear straps Bikini Photos, This 2 piece swimwear style is bikini playmate Bikini Photos, Annette is looking hot in this sexy Bikini Playmate bottom Bikini Photos, Annette is wearing a sexy Teaze Tri-back g-string bikini swimsuit

Photography-Michael Palmer


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