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Photographer Gallery >> Jason Cole/General

 Bikini Photos, jase Bikini Photos, jase Bikini Photos, jase Bikini Photos, jase Bikini Photos, jase
 Bikini Photos, jase Bikini Photos, jase Bikini Photos, jase Bikini Photos, jase Bikini Photos, jase
  • Where & when did you start? I started about 7 years ago when a friend of mine asked me to do some photos for his business hiring out promo girls.
  • Why did you start? Because it is my passion and I haven't looked back since.
  • What sort of photography do you like and why? Modeling and Weddings as they are very different but both very creative and diverse.
  • What would be your dream project? Sports Illustrated, an entire shoot for them would be amazing.
  • What do you aspire? To bring respect and dignity to the modeling industry and to make sure that models are treated equally. a happy model produces a fantastic photo. Respect, that's the key.
  • Why do you like using Zanne? Zanne bikinis rocks as it's sexy, all the girls love the bikinis because it accentuates the shape of their bodies, and they are very flattering. When out & about on a shoot with the models wearing Zanne bikinis heads turn everywhere.
  • My overall opinion about the Zanne Bikinis is that there isn't anything hotter than the "Z" label.

Some of the magazines that Jason has shot for FHM, RALF, FUEL, ZOO, TRACKS, 2DMAX, ULTRAFIT, MINE



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